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The ACTS Branch Committee 
The Branch Committee consists of the Branch Officers; the Senior Steward from each Constituency, the Head Office Convenor, Sectional Reps and the Trade Union Side Secretary. Meetings are held in the UNISON national centre or nearby, start at 12.00 and end by 3pm.  The agenda is circulated electronically 7 days in advance.  Any reports or motions for consideration at the meeting must be received by the Branch Secretary by 5pm on the day prior to the agenda being circulated.  

Branch Committee dates 2014

January 9*; February 27; April 10[1]; May 29*[2]; June 26**; July 17; September 11*; October 30; December 4 

* Preceded by a Branch Officers' meeting in the morning;
** same day as the Branch AGM. Start time to be confirmed.
[1] Will consider rule changes and motions for submission to AGM
[2] Deadline for submission of amendments to rule changes and motions going to AGM

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